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The Club has been provided some additional legal guidance on the extent to which the BRGC Club facilities may be used during the Maryland State executive order issued Friday, May 6, 2020 and the Federal Guidelines that have established Firearms Ranges as essential.

The Executive Committee has reviewed and voted to accept these new operational guidelines on May 13, 2020.

We have been advised that we are able to resume range usage under the following restrictions:

1.    Social Distancing Restrictions - stay at least 6 feet away from other members and it is recommended all range users wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth.

2.    Wash your hands - Use the hand washing stations behind the 100-yard range when you arrive and when you leave the ranges.

3.    Only one (1) person shall be in the Sign-in Room at a time.

4.    Only one (1) person shall be in the Target Frame Shed at a time.

5.    Members should limit their use of a Range Area to one (1) hour so other members have time to use the facilities.

6.    A member may bring up to two (2) guests that are family members that reside at the same address as the member. Guest Waivers may be downloaded from the “Members Only Section” of the Club’s website,, printed and pre-filled out prior to coming to the Range Facilities. 

a.    Each guest shall fill out a waiver. 

b.    Members can login with their email address on file and my request a new password if needed.

c.    The member and their guests shall use one bay and one firing point.

d.    The member may not shoot while one of their guests shoot.

e.    The member must act as their guest(s) RSO.

7.    Bring your own pen - to further minimize potential transfer, there will be no pens provided in the sign-in room, and please do not leave any writing devices in the sign-in room.

8.    Chamber flags - if you take a flag out of the sign-in room, keep it and do not return it, they are free to members and this can further help to reduce potential transfer.

9.    Range Use (Per Range Area)

a.    The 50-Foot and 50-Yard Ranges shall be considered one (1) Range Area

                                          i.    One (1) shooter per bay, there are four (4) bays.

                                        ii.    Only the center position of each bay is to be used.

                                       iii.    A maximum of eight (8) people may be on this 50/50 Range area.

b.    The 100-yard Range shall be considered one (1) Range Area

                                          i.    One (1) member per bay, there are three (3) bays.

                                        ii.    Only the center position of each bay is to be used.

                                       iii.    A maximum of nine (9) people may be on this 100-yard Range area.

c.    The Archery Range shall be considered one (1) Range Area

                                          i.    Only every other firing point is to be used on the Archery Range.

                                        ii.    A maximum of four (4) people may be on this Archery Range area.

d.    The Shotgun Patterning Range shall be considered one (1) Range Area

                                          i.    One (1) shooter maximum on the Shotgun Patterning Range Area.

                                        ii.    A maximum of three (3) people may be on this Shotgun Patterning Range area.

e.    Club House and Club House Parking lot shall be considered one (1) Area

                                          i.    No more than five (5) people total, at a time in the Club House.

                                        ii.    Wear a mask

                                       iii.    Maintain six (6) feet apart

                                       iv.    Use the bathroom sinks to wash your hands

                                        v.    Only Members and their guests who are family members that reside at the same address as the member

                                       vi.    No more than ten (10) people maximum, combined in the Club House and Club House Parking lot.

                                      vii.    The Badging and Security team shall regulate the number of newly voted in members into the Club House for new member on-boarding in accordance with the above restrictions.

10. Authorized Professional Trainers may use the range facilities as outlined above.

a.    Trainers may have a maximum of four (4) students for training purposes in the clubhouse.

b.    Trainers may have a maximum of two (2) students for training purposes at the range facilities.

c.    All training activities must be scheduled with the Vice President and Range Safety Chair no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the events occurrence. 

11. Please proceed with due caution, and please try to follow all CDC and MDH guidelines to help minimize the spread and impact from this potentially deadly virus.

12. All other club rules are still in effect and must be followed.

As this is still a very dynamic constantly evolving situation these rules are in effect until further notice and may change again soon.

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