Frequently Asked Questions

⦁ BRGC is a private club, but memberships are available to the public who meet our qualifications.
⦁ Only Club members and their guests may utilize the facilities.
⦁ BRGC hosts special events (e.g., Juniors Program, Maryland Hunter Safety Education Courses, and Maryland DNR Shoot Qualifications) described below that are open to the public.
⦁ No, the Club is not a retail business and does not sell firearms or ammunition.
⦁ No, we do not rent our facilities or range time to the public.
⦁ Club members can use the facilities from 8:00 AM to sunset Monday through Saturday and 10:00 AM on Sundays.
⦁ Please see the Hours of Operation page.
⦁ The Club has a clubhouse and archery, pistols, rifles, and shotguns ranges for its members.
⦁ The Club's three ranges for shooting pistols and rifles are 50-foot, 50-yard, and 100-yard.
⦁ The Club also has a Shotgun Patterning Range that allows patterning from 5 to 30 yards.
Click here for additional information on our facilities.
⦁ Yes, the Club allows restricted firing of fully automatic firearms on its ranges only by individuals who are:
1. Legally authorized to own Class III firearms;
2. have demonstrated the legal ownership of the Class III firearm; and
3. have undergone a Club-provided orientation and safety validation on their use
⦁ The member must demonstratve their safe handling and use of each Class III firearm the want use at Club.
⦁ To assure safe and proper use of the Club's ranges, the "Slide Bump Stocks" are treated as a Class III firearm. A member must safely validate their use of the "Slide Bump Stock" for each firearm they install the "Slide Bump Stock" on.
⦁ Yes, the Club prohibits the use of, and limits certain types of ammunition on the ranges
⦁ These restrictions are posted in the Club's Range Rules.
⦁ Yes, the Club has specific rules in the Club's Range Rules on the types of targets authorized for use at the ranges.
⦁ No, the Club does not have the facilities for clay sports such as trap, skeet and sporting clays.
⦁ However, we have members who meet regularly at the Prince George's County Trap and Skeet Center on Good Luck Road. Please view the Calendar for specific dates and times.
⦁ Yes, a member can bring up to four (4) guests and each guest must be familiarized with the Club's Range Rules and sign a liability form.
⦁ Yes, the Club requires all members and any accompanying guest to log in and out during each visit.
⦁ No, the Club requires all firearms to be unloaded prior to entry on Club property and remain unloaded until they are placed on the firing line.
⦁ No, the Club does not offer any public training classes on the use of handguns or any other type of firearm.
⦁ The Juniors Program is open to the public and the youth do receive safe firearms training while praticipating this program.
⦁ The Club host Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) hunter safety education course that are open to the public.
⦁ The Club does have members who are professional trainers that offer training through their private business.
⦁ Please visit the Firearms Training page for additional information.
⦁ Yes, the Club host Maryland DNR hunter safety education course to the public.
⦁ Also, the Club host Maryland DNR Qualification / Public Sight-in Days.
⦁ Please see the Calendar for upcomming class / scheduled sight-in days.
⦁ Yes, the Club has a Juniors Program designed to teach individuals under the age of 21 safe handling procedures and the proper use of single round, bolt action rifles.
⦁ Rifles and ammunition are provided by the Club and all Junior Program events require the presence of a parent or legal guardian during the program for those under 18 years of age. ⦁ Please see the Calendar for upcomming events
⦁ The Club annual membership is almost at full capacity of the member 500 annual member limit.
⦁ You can complete a Membership Application to start the application process.
⦁ You must complete the membership application process, signing all require documents, passing a written test, attend a Range Orientation class and be voted in by the membership at a general membership meeting. This process can take 1-3 months.
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