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The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club

8311 Laurel Bowie Road

Bowie, Maryland 20715

Established in 1938

Annual Membership is Closed/Full (2024)

Associate Membership is Open



“Any United Status Citizen who is twenty-one years of age or older who is allowed to legally own and possess firearms under the laws of the United States of America, the State of Maryland, and Prince George’s County may apply and be made a Member.”

Please read and verify that you are able to sign this Firearms Declaration Form and Waiver Form prior to applying for membership.

Firearm Declaration Form BRGC New Member 2022 

BRGC Waiver New Member v. 2018


There is no application fee and applying for membership does not obligate you in any way to join the Club, nor does it obligate you financially in any way to the Club. Our membership chairman will contact you to answer any questions that you may have about the club and to invite you to our Range Safety Orientation (after you have completed steps outlined below in the Member application and Induction process). Therefore, we kindly ask that you provide a legitimate phone number and email address. 

The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club Inc. (BRGC) has annual dues of $400 which covers January through December, works out to be approximately $33/month or $1.10/day for practically unlimited use of a state-of-the-art shooting range. New members are charged a pro-rated amount based on the start date of the membership plus a one-time $200 initiation fee. Invoices for annual dues are made available through this website in November for the following year. 

Associate members pay the one-time $200 initiation fee and $75 for associate annual dues.  An associate member does not have full range privileges and does not have the right to vote at business meetings. Associate members are at the top of the list to become a full annual member when a membership becomes available. Approximately 50 memberships become available each February/March.

As in any private organization, the club depends on members to volunteer some of their time and expertise to support our events and outreach programs. BRGC simply would not exist without its volunteer spirit. Opportunities abound for members to get involved and range from grounds beautification to coaching new shooters to community awareness. Members are encouraged to volunteer their time for the good of the club.

For an understanding of how the Berwyn Rod and Gun Club, Inc. operates, read the following:

Charter:  BRGC Charter (April 1944)

Bylaws: BRGC Bylaws (May 2020)

Internal Operating Procedures: BRGC IOP (May 2020)

Range Rules: BRGC Range Rules (July 2023)

Privacy Policy: BRGC Privacy Policy (October 2023)

Application Process

The following Article VI of the Internal Operating Procedure was voted on and approved by the membership on January 2, 2019.  Berywn Rod and Gun Club's Internal Operating Procedure, Article VI, Membership Application and Induction Process.  Any person eligible for membership may apply to become a Member in the Club by submitting and application. The application and induction process must be completed within six months or the Applicant must start the process again.

The Applicant must provide the following prior to participating in a Range Orientation:
  • A signed acknowledgement that they have received, read, and will abide by the By-Laws, lOP and Range Rules.
  • A signed copy of the Firearms Declaration form.
  • A signed copy of the Waiver of Liability.
  • Completed Range Rules Test with 80% of the questions answered correctly.
  • Documentation
    • For completing a Firearms Safety course or
    • Having Experience or
    • Having Training As listed in the Range Rules, Appendix F-Firearms Safety Training Courses
If an applicant has documented training that is not listed in the Range Rules Appendix F, they may submit a written request to the Officers and Range Safety Chairperson for review and possible acceptance. The request must include all information about the training; including the course content, the date and location, instructor, sponsoring organization, and contact information for verification. The Applicant will be notified of the next available Range Orientation. The Applicant must attend the Range Orientation and become familiar with the range facilities. At the time of Range Orientation Registration, the applicant shall present a government photo ID with current address. After completion of the Range Orientation, the Applicant's name will be published in the next Newsletter and/or read at the next Business Meeting. The Applicant must then attend a Business Meeting. The Applicant must receive an affirmative vote of a super majority of the voting Members in good standing present at the meeting.

The Executive Committee may make an exception for an Applicant's attendance at a Business Meeting. This exception will be done only on a case-by-case basis. When the Executive Committee makes an exception for the Applicant to attend the Executive Meeting, the Membership Chairperson will notify the Membership at the next Business Meeting of their membership status. When an Applicant has been voted in, the Applicant must pay the Initiation Fee and Membership Dues. Membership Dues are prorated on a monthly basis for the first year of membership based upon the month in which the applicant completes the induction process. After payment, the membership card and range badge will then be issued to the new member. The new member shall have their picture taken for their range badge. If the Club is at membership capacity, the Applicant can become an Associate Member pending the availability of an Annual Membership or can stay in Applicant status. If an Associate Member becoming an Annual Member has not taken a Range Orientation within the last twelve months, it must be retaken before a Range Badge is issued. An Associate Member becoming an Annual Member is subject to the availability of an annual membership.

We invite you to complete the membership application form hereAfter you have completed the online application form an email will be sent to you with instructions and links to all the required documents. For any additional information about BRGC membership or the application process, please contact us at 

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

All documents downloaded from this website are for the exclusive use for joining and maintaining the membership of The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club.

Any other use of these documents is strictly forbidden.

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