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Firearms Training

In accordance with the Berwyn Rod & Gun Club's mission to promote the education of firearm usage and promote rifle, handgun, shotgun and shooting activities, the following contacts can provide members and non-members of the Club with the specified training listed below. In addition, the Club sponsors a Junior Program and host Maryland Hunter Safety Education Classes. 

All American Small Arms Training

Offers training and instruction for individuals, families, or groups in the safe and responsible use of firearms for defense, sport, pleasure, or competition. Classes help build skills and attitude for the safe and responsible application of firearm use for all lawful purposes. Classes are available for beginners, intermediate, and advance firearm users and include extensive hands-on classroom exercises as well as live fire range exercises and drills. Courses available are the Maryland Handgun Qualification License Training, Maryland Concealed Carry Permit Training, Basic Firearm Safety, First Steps (pistol) (NRA), Basic Pistol (NRA), Personal Protection in the Home (NRA), American Self Defense with Firearms (Pepper). For further information, contact 202-664-6729.

The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Incorporated, PO Box 1378, Bowie, MD  20718
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