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The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club

8311 Laurel Bowie Road

Bowie, Maryland 20715

Established in 1938


All Berwyn Rod and Gun Club Inc. (BRGC) pistol matches and events are for the enjoyment of our members and invited guests. Our primary focus has been and will remain the safety. All events are run with a spirit of good sportsmanship and under the authority of the pistol chair and designated range safety officers.

Dates and times for matches can be found on the calendar.

Trilogy Pistol Competition

This is a three stage competition with each stage held on a different day. The qualifications and competition stages will be at the 50-yard range using a NRA B-6 (P) target. Competitors may use revolvers, semi-auto or single shot pistols, scopes or iron sights can be used.  Particulars are as follows:

Small Caliber Pistol Shoot 

This match will use calibers from .177 to .327, including .177LR .177Mag, 22 short, 22 long, 22 mag, 25 ACP, 30Carb, 32 ACP, 32 S&W short, 32 Colt, 32-20, 32 S&W 32 H&R Mag, and 327 Federal.

Medium Caliber Pistol Shoot

This match will use calibers from .33 to .40 calibers, including 380 auto, 38 special, 357mag, 9mm (and many variants), 357 Sig, 38 Super, 38 S&W, 357 Max, 38-40, 40 auto (40 S&W), 400 cor-bon and the 10mm and perhaps more. 

Large Caliber Pistol Shoot 

This match will use calibers from 41 Magnum to 500 S&W. This includes but not limited to: 41 Mag, 44 Russian, 44-40, 44 Special, 44 Mag, 45 Schofield, 45 Long Colt, 45 Auto Rim, 45 ACP, 454 Casull, 50 Action Express and the 500 S&W. Again more than 12 different calibers.

Slider Competition

There are three rounds to this competition. For the slider competitions, we elect team captains each year from the attending participants. The captains keep the team together and hold practice sessions, and foster development of their team's skills for the next competition. This competition is for iron site sliders only, no wheel guns; it is between semi-auto pistols of either 9mm or 45acp. This is to reenact the US armed forces trials that chose the 9mm in 1985 (a quarter of a century ago) and dropped the 45acp. This is a team sport and the winning team will be issued tee-shirts, while supplies last. There will be three Slider Competitions this year and winners may have to give up their tee shirts to the other team if they lose the second or third competition. Shooting is done at 50 foot at a NRA B-3 target.

Spring Ladies Tea & Targets

This is a shoot for the Ladies on the first Sunday after Mothers day. The ladies can shoot the handgun of their choice or rifles in 22lr caliber. Pistol competition will be on the 50 ft range with 22lr rifle competition on the 50-yard range. For Pistols almost anything goes sliders and wheel guns any caliber below the 500S&W, scoped or iron sights. (Please let the Pistol Officer know if you plan on shooting black powder pistols). For Riles, only 22lr caliber is allowed scoped or iron sights. Less than 50 rounds of ammo should be needed. Bring your favorite shooting glasses and ear protection. Targets will be provided. After the shoot, the club guys serve English High Tea at the DAV. BRGC will also offer firearms assistance for the ladies that would like the help. If you have a gun you almost never shoot and you could use some help with it, this is the shoot for you. If you are experts and like Tea, this is the shoot for you. So ladies please come out and have some fun and be served English High Tea by your club guys after your exciting shooting match. The 2009 Tea and Targets was feature in the March 2009 edition of NRA Shooting Sports USAThe 2011 Tea and Targets event was featured on a WUSA9 newscast.

Past Pistol Events

Good Bad and Ugly Shoot

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Shoot. This will be 30 rounds of fire, 15 for qualification and 15 for competition at the NRA B-3 target from 50 foot. The guns will also be judged for their good bad and ugly qualities, the longest gun, shortest gun, prettiest gun and the most bull dog ugly gun. This shoot is a cross between a gun display, beauty contest and a shooting competition.

Ladies Basket Bingo

Basket Bingo, another shooting event dreamed up by our club ladies. Shooting at a "Bingo" target with the handgun of your choice or a rifle in 22 calibers. All club safety rules will apply, contestants should have eye protection, ear protection and a range officer will guide you thought the steps. Bring the handgun of your choice, (no scopes on the handgun) or a 22 long rifle ammo firing rifle with or without iron sights. About 30 bullets is all that will be needed for some practice, qualification and competition. Pistols will shoot at 50-foot while the Annie Oakley rifle shooters will be at the 50-yard range.

Poker Shoot

This will be a 50/50 shoot from the combined collection of the $5.00 donation and $2.00 per target cost. Targets are 17.5" by 9" with 52 cards printed on the back side. There are several different card configurations. You can remember, make a map, or take a photo of your target. Targets will be back side facing you at 50-yards. Highest hand takes 50% of the winnings.

Connect-The-Dots Shoot, Trim the X-Mass Tree

The qualification round is intended to warm the shooter up. Trim the Xmas Tree, Connect the Dots Shoot. Winner will be provided a Christmas tree. This will be a 22lr pistol competition with semi auto and revolvers, iron or scoped sights. There will be 12 rounds fired for both qualification and competition with in 10 minutes at a Xmas Tree target. The top ornaments bulls-eye is worth 20 points all the rest are 10 points. Only one round will be scored for each ornaments. Come get into the Christmas spirits by trimming your own tree. Target is at 50 yards at the NRA B-6 (P) target. Each contestant has 15 shots with a 10 min time limit. Scopes or iron sights can be used.

For additional information on handgun matches, please contact the pistol chair at

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