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Maryland DNR Qualification / Public Sight-in Days

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Future dates and times will be listed on the calendar.

Maryland DNR Shoot Qualifications

Maryland's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has established a standardized hunter certification program for selected managed hunts, as well as selected managed hunting programs conducted by other local, state and federal agencies. All hunters wanting to participate in managed hunts or wanting to hunt on land requiring this certification must demonstrate proficiency with the weapon to be used during the hunt(s). The Shooter Qualification Card Program allows a hunter to satisfy the proficiency testing requirement by qualifying at a single site, even if selected for more than one managed hunting program. Here is the list of required proficiency, which must be demonstrated:

  • Archery: 3 out of 5 shots into a 9" circle at 20 and 30 yards.
  • Shotgun: 3 out of 5 shots into a 9" circle at 40 yards.
  • Muzzleloader: 2 out of 3 shots into a 9" circle at 40 yards. 

    Berwyn Rod & Gun Club (BGRC) participates in the Shooter Qualification Card program by hosting opportunities for hunters to demonstrate their proficiency to acquire the qualification card. There are usually 2 schedule events annually for hunters to qualify with bows, shotguns, and/or muzzleloaders. There is a donation of $10 requested for the certification card. A single card can provide proof of proficiency for each of the three disciplines available.

    Each participant must provide the necessary equipment and ammunition to complete the proficiency test(s). Maryland DNR requires the equipment and ammunition used to pass the proficiency tests be the same equipment and ammunition used in the hunts. There is no requirement for advanced scheduling or for making an appointment. Those wishing to participate should simply show up prepared during the scheduled hours at the BRGC ranges.

    Public Sight-in Event 

    BRGC will hold in conjunction with the DNR qualification events, an opportunity for hunters to sight in their equipment and prepare for hunting season. Hunters must supply their own equipment and the proper ammunition for their equipment. BRGC will supply the location and targets. BRGC members will be on-hand and available to assist participants with the sight-in process. here is a requested donation of $5 per hunting device to be sighted-in.

    For additional information on DNR Shooter Qualifications, please contact the chair at mddnrqual@berwyn.org

    The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Incorporated, PO Box 1378, Bowie, MD  20718
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