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The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club

8311 Laurel Bowie Road

Bowie, Maryland 20715

Established in 1938


  • Defining a defensive shotgun: A defensive shotgun is any shotgun that you could reasonably use to defend yourself or others with, if appropriate and threatened with serious bodily injury or death.  
  • Events and activities:  We currently hold events on an infrequent basis.  All events are held at the BRGC clubhouse and range.  

Dates and times for defensive shotgun events can be found on the calendar.

Defensive Shotgun Clinic

  • The Defensive Shotgun Clinic is open to all BRGC members and associate members as well as guests of Club members are welcome to attend a clinic. Members may bring guests in accordance with the Berwyn Rod and Gun Club Inc. (BRGC) Range Rules  
  • Purpose:  This event is ideally suited to those interested in purchasing a shotgun for defense, or want to re-familiarize yourself with it.  The event consist of a safety briefing, orientation and familiarization of the basic shotgun types, and possibly a live fire for familiarization on the BRGC facility.
  • Attending the Defensive Shotgun clinic event:  You are encouraged to bring your personally owned shotgun to this event, ensure it is safely operating and fully functional before attending.  All common calibers of shotgun are permitted, such as .410, 28, 20, and 12 gauges.   Do not bring any live ammunition into the clubhouse/classroom.   Your shotgun will be inspected to ensure it is unloaded when you arrive.  Only birdshot will be used on the pattern board, and you may be permitted to fire your own birdshot at the discretion of the trainer.  Please do bring eye and ear protection.  You are encouraged to also bring 'snap caps' (dummy shotgun shells) for the classroom portion of the event.  

Defensive Shotgun Skills & Drills Event

  • Defensive Shotgun Skills & Drills Event is open to all BRGC members and associate members. No guests permitted to participate in this event at this time; however they may observe.

  • Purpose:  This event is ideally for those that experienced shotgun users that want to practice some shotgun skills while performing basic drills in a semi-competitive environment.  The event consist of a safety briefing, orientation and opportunity to demonstrate safe shotgun handling, while performing drills.
  • Additional Information:  You are encouraged to bring your personally owned shotgun to this event, ensure it is safely operating and fully functional before attending.  You will also need to bring single projectile (aka slug) shotgun shells.  Only factory new shells allowed, one box (25 shells) minimum.  Before event you will have to demonstrate the safe operation of your shotgun and ammunition.  All firearms, ammunition and participants are at the discretion of the event leader/RSO.  Bring eye and hearing protection.  
  • Four essential defensive shotgun manipulation skills: 
  1. Loading single shell into chamber/ejection port.
  2. Cycle the action (full strokes).
  3. Loading from the ready position.
  4. Transition to handgun.

Additional Information

Inclement Weather Policy:  If the Prince Georges county schools are closed due to inclement weather or hazardous road conditions, the event is canceled.  Further, the Defensive Shotgun Chair may also cancel any event, if so a notification will be made here on this page.

Club Shotguns:  The Club has shotguns and they may be available to use during Defensive Shotgun events.  So it is not necessary to bring a shotgun to participate in our events.   

Dud Shotgun Shell Disposal: Please do not leave dud shotgun shells on either the BRGC ranges. Contact the Defensive or Sporting Shotgun Chair for instructions on how to dispose of duds safely or to arrange for chair to dispose of them for you. 

For additional information, please contact the Defensive Shotgun chair at

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