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Centerfire 3-Position Shoot

  • 10 Aug 2013
  • 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • BRGC 100-yard range
This event is a stripped down version of the NRA high power rifle national match. Shooters may employ any center-fire rifle that meets the safety requirements of the BRGC rifle range and is capable of rapid fire strings of 5 shots. Competitors are scored in two separate categories: "Military" for iron sighted as-issued rifles of military origin, including John-Garand-Match-legal M-1 rifles and "Sporting" for all other rifles including match-tuned NRA High Power rifles and all rifles with telescopic sights. The officer running the match will decide classifications if there is a dispute.
Since this is a position shoot, no artificial support is allowed except for sighter shots. Any shooting coats, chaps, trousers, boots, gloves or slings may be used.
The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Incorporated, PO Box 1378, Bowie, MD  20718
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